JK Tool is an industry leader in hole burn, sinker and Wire EDM Technologies. 

We meet and consistently exceed your most demanding dimensional accuracy and fine surface finish requirements. We have unique “small hole” capabilities down to finished hole diameters of 0.0090”.

JK Tool utilizes the best Wire and conventional EDM technology through investment in AGIE Wire EDM Equipment.  We currently have six well maintained AGIE machines in our EDM area. 

Agie - 1.jpg


Wire EDM Equipment

  • 2 Agiecut 120 Wire EDM Machines
  • 1 Agiecut Progress Wire EDM Machine
  • 1 Agiecut 150 HSS EDM Machine
  • 1 Agie Charmilles Form 200 Machine
  • 1 Agie Mondo Star 20 Machine